If somehow we could take back that night,

The one where things just weren’t quite right.

The one where we seemed to have lost all sight

of what we had built in the midst of a fight.

Is it just me? Or do you think of it too?

Late in bed, in your head, constantly changing the view.

Wondering what’d be like had you tried pushing through,

if you had watered the grass so it was green when it grew.

But the choice that you made, well it brought me here:

the time to let go, to be stronger than fear.

And while I know that I must, in my head this is clear,

I’m stopped by a loneliness I can feel growing near.

So night after night alone now I lay,

painfully yours I guess you could say.

See even though you had chose not to stay,

these thoughts of you keep the loneliness away.

So I guess for now to keep the darkness at bay,

I’ll be painfully yours day after day.